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ACE Picnic

The Annual ACE Family Picnic was a wonderful success.  Many ACE Families came out and enjoyed a casual, relaxed time together.  The weather was lovely, food delicious, and field perfect for running (or rolling down, which many students chose to take full advantage of).


Thank you to the many who came out!

Tips from Teachers: Back To School

As the summer winds down, it can be a big transition for your child to get back into the routine of going to school every day.  We asked ACE Teachers for tips to offer parents on how to prepare your children (and yourselves) for the start of school.  They had some great ideas.


1. Start setting a routine now.  Start putting your child to bed and getting up early now so their bodies can adjust to the school routine before the first day of school.  It’s a big enough transition into a new class and new school building without also having your body transitioning into the routine of waking up earlier than you might in the summer.  Set aside time and a space in the afternoons for them to work on homework or reading in preparation for the school year.


2. Talk to your child about their feelings.  If your child is anxious about any aspect of a new school year, encourage them about the opportunities ahead.  Be careful not to invalidate their anxiety, but assure them about the possibilities a new year can bring.  Follow-up with them about their feelings and experiences, encouraging their courage in spite of new and different classes, friends, etc.


3. Work together as a team.  You as a parent, your child, and your child’s teacher are a team – working together to advocate for the very best for your child.  Communicate regularly with both your child and your child’s teacher.  Attend Back to School Night (even if you’re a seasoned parent who has attended in the past).  Setting good habits of communication will help create the best opportunity for your student’s growth and learning.


4. Eat a healthy breakfast.  Eating a well-balanced, healthy breakfast will help your child wake up and set them up for optimal behavior and learning!  It’s true what they say, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


5. Limit extra curricular activities.  Be mindful of how much is too much for your child.  Think through their extra-curricular activities and try to consider what is truly helpful for them, what they enjoy doing, and how much is too much for your child and family.


6. Help reinforce independence and responsibility.  At ACE, we encourage students to grow in decision-making and to take responsibility for their choices.  Children are capable of a whole lot – often more than we give them credit for.  Allow your child to do homework independently and encourage them to take age-appropriate steps of responsibility.  Reward positive behavior and show consistency in regard to your child’s behavior and decision-making.


7. Make starting your day pleasant.  The morning is a key time that sets the tone for the day ahead.  Be sure to wake up with plenty of time to avoid scrambling and to ensure that you child arrives to school on time.  Turn off your phone as you drive your child to school and take your commute time as a special opportunity to talk to your child.  Your time together on the way to school can become a special time for you to connect together and open the lines of communication to cultivate a rich relationship with your child.


We are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead and appreciate your help to set up your child for success in the new year!



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